We Are Team Hans LLC was founded in 2011 by Founder and Co-Owner Kristin “Gypsy” Schloesser, at a remote off day location, while on tour in Florida.

Team Hans is a full service creative strategy company. Meta boss. The Plug.. actually, we are the PLUGS' plug.

We started out in rock n roll, but have happily diversified our portfolio. haha The Road is our first love, so let us advance your tour!

We are a touring centered company & offer services which include both Road Mgmt AND remote tour management, advancing, planning, budgeting, daysheets, etc. and artist and brand development, management on a limited basis.

We are also partners in a new blockchain music distribution ICO called Digital Currensy.

You may call us a new age management company, a marketing & branding firm, a production company, a creative agency, your secret weapon, or whatever else pops into your head.

But really: We Are Team Hans | The Evolution of All Marketing .