We Are Team Hans LLC was founded in 2011 by Co-Owner Kristin “Gypsy” Schloesser, at a remote off day location, while on tour in Florida.

Despite the myth, the company was named to state: Have A Nice Show.. which just so happens to be an acronym for Hans... you decide if it's fate, clever marketing or took hours of brain power to name..

The Road is our first love, so let us advance your tour, or take us on it! We are the road crew.

We offer Road Mgmt AND remote tour management, advancing, planning, budgeting, daysheets, etc.

We also handle festival & event logistics, sponsorships, brand mgmt & development.

Anything to make a tour easier? You can hire us .

We can outsource production, and have a vast network of professionals within the touring & festival/event world.

We also like Bob Dylan. A lot.